Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase Announced for Saturday

Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase

Publisher Whitethorn Games has announced that its Winter Showcase will take place this Saturday, February 18, 2023, at 10 AM PST. During the showcase, Whitethorn Games will give a first look at new and exciting upcoming games along with new features coming to fan-favorite games and also give a peek behind the curtain to learn more about the publisher and how it operates. The showcase will be available on Whitethorn Games’ official YouTube channel.

You can check out a small teaser below of what you can expect from the upcoming showcase:

The publisher has released the schedule and the details about reveals that we can expect from the upcoming Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase, and we have listed it down for you:

  • Exclusive Reveals: Catch the exclusive first look at the upcoming unannounced Whitethorn Games lineup into 2024 and beyond!
  • Botany Manor – New Gameplay: First revealed in November during Nintendo’s Indie World Presentation, the gorgeous first-person botanical puzzle game set in a historical English homestead invites players to investigate clues around the house and grounds to determine the ideal habitat for a collection of rare flora. During the Whitethorn Winter Showcase, Balloon Studios will offer a first look at some of the puzzles and stunning world players can expect when the game launches for Nintendo Switch™ and PC this year.
  • Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island – Gameplay Reveal: The “friend-em-up” adventure game from Polygon Treehouse (Röki), where players explore the sundrenched Ambrosia Island – a holiday pantheon paradise to Gods of Greek myths who have mysteriously forgotten who they are. It is up to them to help the Gods restore their memories. Join the development team during the Showcase to get the very first look at Mythwrecked’s gameplay.
  • A Look At Accessibility: At Whitethorn Games, experiences that are playable by everyone are the highest priority. 2022 saw incredible progress on this front, and the publisher is not stopping there. Whitethorn Games Accessibility and Usability Specialist Britt Dye will spotlight some of the features implemented in the publisher’s titles that ensure everyone can enjoy an inclusive gameplay experience.
  • And more: You’ll get a front-row seat to a host of other announcements, from new products hitting the Whitethorn Games Shop, to release dates for highly anticipated titles, to sales on some of the publisher’s most popular titles.

Which game or reveal are you looking forward to seeing at the upcoming Whitethorn Games Winter Showcase? Let us know in the comments section below.

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