Baldur’s Gate 3 True Soul and Illthid Wisdom Guide – Dialogue Choices, Rewards

Baldur's Gate 3 True Soul and Illthid Wisdom Guide

True Soul and Illthid Wisdom are two important mechanics in Baldur’s Gate 3 and both of them are tied to each other. With this mechanic, your character in Baldur’s Gate 3 will start listening more to the voices inside their head and it leads to easy skill checks in dialogues. This Baldur’s Gate 3 True Soul and Illthid Wisdom Guide will help you understand how this mechanic works and what you need to do in order to become a True Soul.

True Soul and Illthid Wisdom Guide – Baldur’s Gate 3

Becoming a True Soul in Baldur’s Gate 3 is actually a pretty lengthy process and for it, you will need to use Illithid Wisdom in specific dialogue conversations. You need to do this at least seven times in order to become a True Soul and while it might sound easy, it is not really. During the early parts of the game, you will be aboard the Nautiloid and a Mindflayer will put a tadpole into your eye which will bury itself in your character’s head. After this point, you have to find a way in order to get rid of this tadpole.

Using the Illithid Wisdom

During your story, you will often come across a dialogue option where you will find the Illithid Wisdom response in the selection as well. These are special choices that bypass all other skill checks, and they have very low dice roll requirements which means that they pretty much guarantee success in nearly every selection. These selections are only available for selection after a long rest and before making another one, you will need to long rest again. Short rest or partial rest do not allow you to make any Illithid Wisdom choices no matter how small they are.

This is basically, you giving in to the tadpole in your mind and letting it make your decisions. For this very reason, you cannot do it very often and you have to take a long rest before the next one. Every time you can use Illithid Wisdom, you will have a red brand animation over the NPC and if it is not there, it means that you need to take a long rest once again. It will imply that your power is silent or dormant and both of these options will have the same result. You need to use the Illithid Wisdom seven times in dialogues before you can become a True Soul in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Opportunities for Using Illithid Wisdom in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are many places in the story where you will be given the opportunity to use the Illithid Wisdom in the game. We have listed a few of them below which you will encounter fairly early in the game:

Location Scenario
Nautiloid While trying to save Shadowheart, you will grab a key from a corpse and you can also use it to open an ornate chest near her pod. Interacting with the control panel next to her will require Illithid Wisdom
Wilderness When you arrive at the Druid Grove in the Wilderness, complete the battle between Tiefling defenders and Goblin Scouts and head west where you will encounter Brynna and her friend. Here you can use Illithid Wisdom but make sure that you long rest before heading out to meet Brynna or else they will leave the area
Druid Grove Inside the Druid Grove, meet Wyll and you can use Illithid Wisdom here
Blighted Village Head West where you met with Brynna, and you will find a Goblin warning you about the camp. You can use Illithid Wisdom here.
Goblin Camp Inside the Goblin Camp, you will have different opportunities to use the Illithid Wisdom so make sure to rest plenty and look for the red animation at the entrance, Campfire, and the Goblin Camp waypoint
Shattered Sanctum There are different opportunities inside the Shattered Sanctum for using the Illithid Wisdom as well such as the Entrance, Volo’s Guard, and Halsin’s guards. Make sure you rest so that you have the option available when you get the opportunity

Rewards for Becoming a True Soul in Baldur’s Gate 3

By using the Illithid Wisdom in the locations mentioned above, chances are that you will become a True Soul fairly early in the game. If you do so, there are different rewards for you for becoming a True Soul in Baldur’s Soul 3:

Reward Details
Dreamlover The Dreamlover is an NPC that you will create during the character creation and this character is the living form of the tadpole’s workings in your mind
Illithid Powers After becoming a True Soul, you will be able to use different Illithid Powers which are essentially dark spells that will focus on the psychic abilities
True Soul Once you are the True Soul, you will find all Illithid Wisdom options turn into True Soul ones and these options will always be a success no matter what the circumstances

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This concludes our Baldur’s Gate 3 True Soul and Illithid Wisdom Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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