Gaming Zones and Internet Cafes are Being Turned into Mining Farms

Gaming Zones Mining Farms

The cryptocurrency craze has been spreading like wildfire since the last quarter of 2020 and is still going upwards. We have a majority of the new and even old high-end graphic cards that have gone out of stock due to crypto farming being on the rise. We even saw someone in Chine using gaming laptops to mine cryptocurrency. The latest trend seems to have been the conversion of gaming zones and internet cafes into mining farms for cryptocurrency.

And now, a Gaming Zone in Vietnam has shifted itself into a Crypto mining farm amidst the pandemic. With the pandemic seriously limiting the business of internet cafes, owners have started to shift their business to something more profitable.

The owner of a Vietnamese Internet Cafe has made the shift to becoming a mining farm. In a Facebook post, he said:

Switching business season, Profits are higher than net business, whoever wants to do, contact me for free.

Gaming Zones Mining Farms

Image Credit: @I_Leak_Vn.

Internet Cafes and Gaming Zones were affected very badly by the coronavirus pandemic. In these hard times, some owners have shifted to crypto mining to utilize the high-end hardware they have on hand. This cafe already has a large number of cards in operation which were easily sourced since the cafe is owned by a computer store.

The cards being used by the Vietnamese gaming zone as seen in photos are GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards. This is just another example of how consumer cards are being used for large mining operations. It is reasonable to assume that the owners saw crypto mining would be more profitable long term than selling the cards.

It is just an unfortunate time for people looking to build systems with all the contributing factors to the GPU shortages. Every now and then we see a new type of mining farm pop up which are being powered by the latest NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. We will have to wait and see when the graphic card stocks improve so that normal consumers can also get their hands on these cards.

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