Code Vein Dark Depths Maps Guide – Where to Find All Depths Maps

Code Vein Dark Depths Maps Guide

In this Code Vein Dark Depths Maps Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all the Dark Depths Maps that you can find in Code Vein. You can consider these Dark Depths are bonus areas or dungeons which are not related to the main game but you can explore them to find resources and fight new enemies. These are also tougher areas as compared to the main story areas.

However, you cannot simply gain access to these areas. Before you can get access to a Dark Depth area, you must find its map hidden in the world of Code Vein. They are scattered around different levels so always keep your eye out for them. We have curated this Code Vein Dark Depths Maps Guide in which we have detailed the locations of all the Dark Depths maps that you can find in the game and get access to them.

Dark Depths Maps Guide – Code Vein

Our Code Vein Dark Depths Maps Guide details everything that you need to know about the locations of all Dark Depths Maps in Code Vein. You must also know that finding the maps and collecting them is not enough. Before you can actually get access to the new map that you’ve just found, you must first speak with Davis at the Home Base. Below we have detailed the locations of all Dark Depths maps.

Den of Darkness

You will find the map Den of Darkness in the main hub of Ruined City Underground.

Den of the Dead

The map Den of the Dead is found at the end of a corridor south from the Outer Crossroads. Go down the stairs and take the longer path to get to this location.

Flood of Impurity

You can find this map after the activation of the statue. During the main story, you will be tasked with finding and activating a Goddess statue. Make your way to this statue and activate it. Once done, it will lower down a ladder. Once done, make your way to the end of the cave and climb the ladder located there and turn around to find the map sitting in a corner. Do not use the ladder lowered after the activation of the statue if you want to collect this map.

Misty Ruins

You will find this map in Crypt Spire. To get to the map, play all the way to the end until you come to a locked door next to a lever. If you look to the right, there’s another pathway. Use that pathway on the right side and it will take all the way back to the map.

Town of Sacrifice

This map is found in the main hub of Dried-up Trenches.

Void District

This map is found in Provisional Government Center.

Zero District

Found right after you defeat the Queen Revenants Reborn boss in the main story.

Cliffs of Rust

You will find it at the mistle in Dried-up Trenches. Speak with the NPC there located directly below from where you get the Town of Sacrifice map. Make sure that you have completed all the quests earlier. (Credit: Kelzar)

Silent White

Obtained from the merchant ‘Shang’ at the outer crossroads in the late game. (Credit: Antony Blackburn)

Swirling Floods

You can get this map from the merchant ‘Shang’ located at the outer crossroads however you can obtain this map earlier than the Silent White map.

Rocky Ruins

Obtained from Richard after you meet him in Natural Cavern Depths at the Ruined City Underground after you have completed the quests for Self-Important Revenant.

Arachnid Grotto

Complete the intel quest for Gustav and then meet with him in Ashen Cavern again to receive the map.

There might be more maps as well however we have not found them yet. We will update this guide as soon as we find more maps. In the meantime, if you guys find a map that is not mentioned in the guide above, please let us know and we update the guide above for others to find as well.

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This concludes our guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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  1. Could you update the one for the Flood of Impurity. Some people may get confused, it isn’t the ladder that lowers, rather, the ladder that is at the end of the cave.

  2. I got a map from the merchant at the outer crossroads can’t remember the first maps name but when I returned with the info for him he said he would investigate the findings, I then returned late game and he gave me another map called silent white and that’s my 11th map. Hope this helps

  3. I found another, when backtracking late game, there’s an npc at the mistle in the Dried up trenches, directly below where the Town of sacrifices map is found, he gave me the map of the rusted cliffs.

  4. This list is incomplete. You should state that so as not to confuse players.
    I have already found 10, but there is at least one more (that I cant find the map for).

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