Vigor Beginner’s Guide – Survival, Advanced Tips and Tricks

Vigor Beginner’s Guide

In this Vigor Beginner’s Guide, we will detail everything you need to know if you are just getting started with Vigor. The game is a mix between DayZ and Escape from Tarkov where it mixes certain elements from both the games.

Vigor is all about your survival in an open world map filled with hostiles and environmental challenges. Games that put a heavy emphasis on survival require you to look for resources and to use them wisely. The main goal of any player in Vigor is to get the best kind of loot you can have and then exit the map after taking the drop and heading to the extraction zones. Read this Vigor Beginner’s Guide to get up to speed with the game.

Vigor Beginner’s Guide

Below we have detailed the beginner tips and tricks, survival in the game, and some advanced tips.

Shelter or Home Base

Every player has their own shelter to begin with. When you start a game, you can go to your shelter to manage your inventory, your resources, and weapons. Your shelter does not only act as your storage building, but also offers you a small gun range for you to target practice, and also go down to the basement to work on your weapons.

Vigor Beginner’s Guide

The main table in your shelter takes you to the equip menu that allows you to craft and arrange your weapons, ammo, and consumables. Crafting can take some time, but when you are done, you can either take it out to use it or store it in the stash.

Your shelter is private to you and no other player can come to you to attack. It is your safe zone. When you return from your adventure of killing and looting weapons and resources, the first thing you should do is stock your shelter with these items. This is because anything on you is at risk of getting stolen if you are killed outside the shelter.

When you have fully explored the shelter, and think it is time to get out in the action, make sure you are fully prepared. Take the weapon of your choice and enough ammo and consumables that you deem will be adequate. Do not overfill your inventory as you should always have enough space for loot. Also because this is a survival game, you need to be efficient with everything you can use.

Survival in the Map

When you are ready to get out, remember that this is not a battle royale game where you go guns blazing to attack other players. Vigor is about a tactical and stealth approach where you have to be aware of your surroundings.

Vigor Beginner’s Guide

Survival can work best if you are well-prepared ahead of your adventure. Craft the proper weapons that will suit your playstyle. If you are slow and methodical, you would need a long-range weapon that can offer you decent damage at long ranges. You should also be aware of the type of map you are getting in to, as the game offers various maps with different weather conditions.

Aside from weapons, you should also have enough consumables that will help you heal from various injuries. These include Bandages, Disinfectant, painkillers and antibiotics to give you healing effects overtime.

You should always assume the worst, and that any situation can turn deadly no matter how calm it may seem. Never let your guard down and always expect a player camping in a building right at the door, or another hiding behind a rock in a prone position. On the other hand, if you have a target on sight, and wish to take them down, you should also be aware of their counter-attack and if any other players are also targeting the same player.

Use what the environment offers you by taking advantage of bushes, rocks, and trees to take shelter and stay hidden. If you traverse through open fields, bridges, and rivers, you are a sitting duck waiting to be shot from all four corners. Take the long but safer way if you want to be out of sight, and need many obstacles in between you and the attacker that is following you.

The main requirement of survival in the game is to loot first and then engage in fights. Vigor is not coming out on top with the most kills, but about having the best or enough loot you can extract with.

Set Your Approach

The game has two very important gameplay elements. The first is that you get air drop to contain some of the best loot and the extraction zones that are marked with the orange markers on your map.

When you set out, take a look at the map and make sure where the nearest extraction zone is and where the radiation is. your map will also indicate a dark red circle which is the area where the supply drop will be found. This red circle covers a large area, where you need to go and look for the drop coming down from the air.

Vigor Beginner’s Guide

If your approach is to get the drop, loot, and get out, then you should plan your approach well. There are many extractions zones on the map, but you have to choose one that is feasible. It is not always the closes extraction point that is the best choice, but the one that poses the least threat. Both air drop zones and extraction zones are enemy hot spots and can have enemies waiting to get you right when you think you are about to be extracted with the loot. All the hard work can be taken away from you in a matter of seconds if you are not tactical.

If doing all the work is not something you are fond of, you can be the camper who sits and waits for prey. You can follow around players who have the drop, and attack when they least expect it. This not only ensures that you get the player and his loot but also gets you out of sight of other players who might be targeting both of you.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

These tips are for when you are aware of the basics of the game, how it works and what Vigor is all about. Now to stay a step ahead, and not die and lose all the loot all the time, consider taking a look at the following advanced tips when trying to get kills, loot and extracting.

  • Take only what you need to survive and with the weapon that you best work with. Vigor is not about looking the best in having all the best weapon and consumables, but to take enough which is necessary. Going with a lot of items only puts you at more risk of losing it all.
  • Customize your appearance which can help more with camouflage. There are many options you can try in the shelter before you head out. Beige colored hats, tops, and pants can help with camouflage and keep the enemy guessing your location in the trees, bushes, and rocks.
  • Don’t go immediately for the Air Drops as they always have more enemies around. Wait for players to fight with themselves and then look for an opening to take all the loot you can when you are left with just one opponent.
  • Stay aware of your surrounding for other players tracking you. Before you enter a building, make sure there is no one camping inside, or outside waiting for you.
  • Take the long but safe route. Keeping a look at the map for radiation, drop zone, and the extraction zone can give you a massive advantage in getting out of danger quickly. Plan the route that will have the least players and least danger.
  • Loot vehicles instead of buildings. House and similar structures have doors which are the only exit. If a player is tracking you, all they have to do is aim at the door and wait for you to show up. Looting nearby vehicles gives you enough space to get out of the gunfight. In addition, you get most of the loot crates on the road near vehicles anyway.

Make sure to check our Weapons Guide and Shelter Guide as well.

This concludes our Vigor Beginner’s Guide. Post your comments below.

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    1. You need to hold the front left bumper to bring up consumables wheel, you must pack consumables before you enter the map

    1. When at your base, press (up) on D-pad, then (RB). That will take you to your ‘load out.. press the action button on whatever you want to unequip.

  1. Another great tip is to stop and listen every once in a while for other peoples footprints, it is a lifesaver, especially in large buildings.

  2. I’d like to mention that you can jump out of windows granted they are openable I don’t think all of them are but some of them do.

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