God of War Getting New Game+ Mode – New Features, Better Gear, Tougher Enemies

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God of War New Game Plus is coming and Sony announced it recently via there official blog. You can check out the Sony’s official blog here.  God of War New Game Plus mode is coming via a free update along with many other features. This is a great addition to the game, as most of the players would love to experience the great story again with all the epic gear that they have been grinding for.

Sony’s Santa Monica Studios released God of War in April 2018 and it has been getting some new updates every now and then. Most of them included basic fixes but this is the first time it is getting an added feature in the form of a free update. Check out the official game trailer below.

The new update is coming on August 20 and players will be able to patch up their game without any cost. If you have not picked up the game yet, now is the best time to pick this masterpiece and experience one of the finest single player stories PlayStation has ever churned out.

The new update will add many new features as well. According to Sony’s blog, you will be able to take all your gear, enchantments, talismans, upgrades and skills to the beginning with New Game Plus. However, the enemies will be of much higher level in order to cater for your gear and upgrades. In New Game Plus, you can pick any difficulty that you want and relive the story with new challenges.

Players will also be able to skip cinematics now whether they are playing in normal mode or New Game Plus. New Game Plus also introduces a new rarity level for all your equipment. You can upgrade your gear even further now using ‘Skap Slag’, which is the newest resource that can be collected on your journey. Collect the new resource and craft the best armor ever featured in God of War.

Enemies in the game are also getting tougher and some of them will now feature some new moves. To face these much higher level enemies, you will be required to upgrade your armor and gear to its maximum potential. This means that the battles in God of War New Game Plus are going to be even more deadly.

New Game Plus also features all new customization options. You can now customize your gear with even more armor sets and enchantments. This allows for even more detailed builds and more freedom to play around with stats to build the perfect Kratos that suits your playstyle.

God of War New Game Plus
God of War

It is important to note mention here that all these features can only be accessed once a complete playthrough of God of War has been completed on the same saved file. Complete a playthrough on any difficulty and then jump in New Game+ will all your gear and items to access new features like skipping cinematics, tougher enemies, new and improved gear and more customization. You can now skip Cinematics in normal gameplays as well once the game is beaten at least once.

What do you think about Sony adding a New Game Plus mode to God of War? Will you be playing the game again with all your gear and items from the beginning? Let us know in the comments section below about God of War’s new mode.

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