Atlas Fallen Receives Lord of the Sands Trailer Ahead of Launch

Atlas Fallen Trailer

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 have released the latest trailer called ‘Lords of the Sands’ for its upcoming title Atlas Fallen. In the new trailer, you can listen to the dark visions of an old man and fly over the sand world of Atlas. The new trailer comes right at the heels of the upcoming reveal of the full game, and you can check it out below before we jump into additional details about the game:

In Atlas Fallen, you will seize the divine power of a mysterious Gauntlet and wield heroic abilities to defeat a tyrannic, almighty god. You will get to tame the sands into a shapeshifting weapon and watch it grow larger as you build Momentum to unleash the full, irrepressible power of the Gauntlet. In the world of Atlas, you will find 151 Essence Stones that can be found that will grant you a wide range of extra effects and abilities.

Depending on your own playstyle, whether you play aggressively or more carefully with a mix of shields, debuffs, and healing. You can suit it according to your own style and combine Essence Stones together to create your very own approach to combat. You can also propel yourself into the air and glide across the dunes using your sand-infused powers as you experience incredible speed, verticality, and mobility as you explore the vast and timeless land of Atlas and fight the terrible beasts found in it.

Atlas Fallen delivers a fascinating world where you will find mysteries and try to solve them while fighting a variety of enemies through breathtaking action. A deep progression and different customization systems ensure that you are creating your own experience through the world of Atlas Fallen. Pre-orders for Atlas Fallen are now live and if you are interested in playing the game, you can also pre-order the Limited Edition and get some cool bonuses along with the base game as well.

The Limited Edition of Atlas Fallen includes:

  • The game on the platform of your choice (Physical copies for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X; Steam code for PC)
  • The game’s official SteelBook®
  • A metal poster
  • The “Ruin Rising Pack” DLC

Atlas Fallen Trailer

The Limited Edition will not last long in stock and if you want to secure it, you can do so right now. All pre-orders will also get the special DLC bonus: Ruin Rising Pack which features cosmetic items and combat abilities. Atlas Fallen is slated for release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on August 10, 2023.

Are you looking forward to playing Atlas Fallen when it launches next week and what are your thoughts on its latest trailer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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