The Shore

Experience Horror in Lovecraftian Adventure Game The Shore

Created by a solo developer Ares Dragonis and self-published under Dragonis Games, The Shore is a first-person story-driven horror game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. The…

Dungeons of Dreadrock Details

Dungeons of Dreadrock Developer Shares New Details About the Title

Indie developer and publisher of the RPG Dungeons of Dreadrock, Prof. Dr. Christoph Minnameier, has shared new details and insights for the game. Dungeons of…

Gummy Dummy Battles Update

Wacky Battle Simulator Gummy Dummy Battles Update 1.2 Released

Developer and publisher Insane Dreamers has announced the release of the latest update of its wacky battle simulator Gummy Dummy Battles. The update 1.2 for…

Age of Undead Update

Turn-Based Zombie RTS Age of Undead Receives New Update

Developer and publisher Insane Dreamers has announced the launch of the new update for its turn-based zombie RTS called Age of Undead. Age of Undead…

Tokyo Waning Moon

Japanese Indie Studio Midnight Cupcakes Reveals New Game Tokyo Waning Moon

Japanese indie development studio Midnight Cupcakes has revealed its brand-new game Tokyo Waning Moon. Tokyo Waning Moon is an exciting high-speed defensive game where you…

Molly Medusa Release Date

Gravity-Bending 3D Adventure Molly Medusa Gets Release Date

Solo game developer Niklas Hallin and Burning Planet have announced the release date of their upcoming gravity-bending 3D adventure game Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit….

Psychological Horror Game Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 Comes Out Tomorrow

Developed and published by indie developer Andrew Quist, Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 is a new unique horror game set within the viral ‘liminal spaces’ horror subgenre….

Review: Meg’s Monster

Japanese RPG Meg’s Monster West Release Date Announced

Japanese indie developer and publisher Odencat Inc. have announced the Western release date of their classic title Meg’s Monster. Meg’s Monster will be released in…

Cook Serve Forever Early Access

Cook Serve Forever Early Access Release Window Confirmed for April

Vertigo Gaming has announced and confirmed the early access launch window of its upcoming cooking game Cook Serve Forever. Cook Serve Forever is the new…

Welcome to Goodland Release Date

Money Laundering Simulator Welcome to Goodland Release Date Announced

Developer Big City Lab has announced the release date of its upcoming money laundering simulator Welcome to Goodland. Welcome to Goodland is slated for release…