Command Your Drone to Bring Down the Russians in Death From Above

Death From Above Update

Publisher Lesser Evil and developer Rockodile Games have announced their brand-new title Death From Above. Drone From Above is a combat drone game in which you will control your very own drone and take out the invading Russian forces. Death From Above is aiming for an Early Access release on PC via Steam on May 25, 2023. After its early access release, the developer aims at working with the community for the final work on the game before its full release.

The developers are celebrating the announcement with a brand-new trailer for Death From Above which is linked below:

In Death From Above, you will control your own combat drone and use it to destroy the Russian forces. The game is set during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and you will play as a Ukrainian military drone operator fighting the occupation forces, using whatever he can find to find by salvaging valuable equipment and restoring communication lines disrupted by the conflict. Lesser Evil CEO Hendrik Lesser comments:

Early Access is the perfect opportunity for our backers and the wider community to get their hands on Death From Above for the first time and bonk some vatniks. We’re proud to be supporting the Ukrainian people in the defense against Russian imperialism. Remember, Putin, you pronounced this nonsense. Not us.

The publisher of the game is supporting two different charities Come Back Alive and Army of Drones from all sales when Death from Above is released in Steam Early Access. 30% of all sales will go to these two Ukrainian charities and once the developer has managed to cover the production costs of the game, this charity share will increase to 70% and the amount will go to the charities from all net game revenues and 30% will be used for further development of the game.

Death From Above

If you are interested in playing Death From Above when it comes out, you can head over to Steam and add the game to your wishlist. Death From Above will release in Steam early access on May 25, 2023.

Are you looking forward to playing Death From Above when it launches in Steam early access later this month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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