Cozy Colony Sim Havendock Receives its First Major Update

Havendock First Update

Indie developer YYZ and publisher Different Tales have announced the release of the first major update for their cozy colony sim Havendock. Havendock was released in Early Access back in April 2023 and this is the first major update released for the game since then. It adds new animals such as cows, fish, and birds to the game and brings many fixes and improvements to the core game as well.

Starting with the very first animal cows, you can visit the cow island and talk to cattleman Josh who will allow you to add cows to your village. Having cows on your farm will allow you to make delicious desserts and cheese. Next, we have the birds which will be found on Bird Island. Here, you can meet Mother Kewi who will ask you for small favors and if you complete them, you will have a bird island populated with adorable Kewi birds and the mother will allow you to ride her on the back as well for quickly getting around the islands.

Finally, you can also visit the abandoned fishing village where new settlers are planning to settle down. You can help them bring it to its former glory by recruiting new fishermen and rebuilding it. Squid, shrimps, and tuna are now available for fishing as well. If you want to explore the new depths, you can send your bots to investigate the crash site and meet a new mysterious doctor survivor. There is also a secret cave to explore on the bird island which is filled with slimes. If you can defeat these slimes, you can obtain new resources as well.

Havendock First Update

Havendock is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access and if you want to try out the game before spending any money, there is a free demo available for the game as well. If you want to wait and jump into the game a little later, you can simply add the game to your wishlist right now and wait for more content updates to arrive in the game. For a complete list of patch notes, you can check out the original developer post on Steam.

What are your thoughts on the first major update of Havendock? Have you been playing Havendock and did you like spending time in this cozy colony sim? Let us know in the comments section below.

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