Pollution Cleaning Game Loddlenaut Receives New Trailer, Free Demo

Loddlenaut Demo

Developer Moon lagoon and publisher Secret Mode have announced that their cosy creature-raising and pollution cleaning game Loddlenaut has received its latest trailer and a free demo. The free demo will allow players to jump into the cute little game and try out a small bit of it while the latest trailer sheds light on the basics of loddle clean-up and aftercare. The new trailer for Loddlenaut was showcased during The Re-MIX Online Showcase and we have it linked below for you so can check it out before we move to additional details:

As you can see in the trailer above, while you are down in the ocean, you will come across cute and cuddly creatures called loddles. You can feed different fruits to these loddles that will trigger their evolution. Depending on what type of fruit you feed them, the loddles will evolve into a different form. After they have hatched from their eggs, they will continue to swim around for some time and eventually lay an egg. You can take care of the egg and see how much time it needs until it hatches by communicating with the egg.

Once it is time, the egg with hatch, and a baby loddle will be born. You can interact with it, name it and feed it some fruits to help with its growth. This cycle continues until they grow and lay down eggs themselves. Apart from feeding loddles and taking care of the eggs, you will also do a bit of cleaning as you will remove pollution from the underwater world of GUP-14. You will blast away pollution and collect trash which can be turned into new gunk-fighting technology.

Loddlenaut Demo

Loddlenaut is slated for a release on PC via Steam later in 2023 and if you are interested in trying out the game now, there is a free demo available right now. It will allow you to experience the world of GUP-14 and do a bit of feeding and cleaning as well. It features the Flotsam Flats area of the game along with several loddles. You can download and play it right now.

What are your thoughts on the new trailer released for Loddlenaught and will you be interested in playing its new demo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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